Shipboard Antenna Model Range

Pattern Range Arch

The non-metallic arch supports a transmitting antenna which is positioned toward a brass model ship on a turntable. The ground plane under the arch simulates the electrical characteristics of the ocean.

Shipboard Antenna Model Range with brass model ship on turntable

Arch antenna

The arch transmitting antenna is positioned by computer control from 0 to 90 degrees in elevation. The transmitting frequency is also computer controlled. To compensate for the fact that the models are 1/48 full-scale of the actual ship, the transmitting frequencies are increased to 48 times the frequencies of interest.

Model Ship on Turntable

The 1/48-fullscale brass model ships are accurate models of the real ships. Antennas on the models are illuminated by the transmitting antennas to produce antenna radiation patterns very similar to the radiation patterns measured on the actual ships. Antennas on the model can be easily moved to determine the locations that produce the least degree of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Brass model ship on turntable
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